Marketing a product online is the trend as of late. To sell a product, you need to market it to the right audience. However, you just can’t go and pitch a prospect and expect them to buy it right away. It’s all about prospecting – finding your target customers and building a good relationship with them. Once they get a taste of what to expect, they may go ahead and buy products.

Funnels make selling so much easier as they help in warming up a potential customer. Think of it like a physical funnel – there’s one entry point and there’s one exit point. The prospects enter at a point known as the funnel’s entry point and trade their email address against a freebie/lead magnet which you’d offer as a lure. This way, you can now connect with your prospects on demand with an autoresponder service and can always follow up with them, build trust, and ultimately make money online.

This approach works because you’re not selling products to them right away. You’re giving away value for free, slowly building trust and at various points in your funnel, you’d offer a product and if they are familiar with your company and your general profile, they may consider buying from you.

For building a high quality funnel, I used to use WordPress but now I’m using clickfunnels which is a simple to use online tool. It makes life so much easier.