The Role Of Funnels in Internet Marketing

Marketing a product online is the trend as of late. To sell a product, you need to market it to the right audience. However, you just can’t go and pitch a prospect and expect them to buy it right away. It’s all about prospecting – finding your target customers and building a good relationship with them. Once they get a taste of what to expect, they may go ahead and buy products.

Funnels make selling so much easier as they help in warming up a potential customer. Think of it like a physical funnel – there’s one entry point and there’s one exit point. The prospects enter at a point known as the funnel’s entry point and trade their email address against a freebie/lead magnet which you’d offer as a lure. This way, you can now connect with your prospects on demand with an autoresponder service and can always follow up with them, build trust, and ultimately make money online.

This approach works because you’re not selling products to them right away. You’re giving away value for free, slowly building trust and at various points in your funnel, you’d offer a product and if they are familiar with your company and your general profile, they may consider buying from you.

For building a high quality funnel, I used to use WordPress but now I’m using clickfunnels which is a simple to use online tool. It makes life so much easier.

Our Solo Ads Secret Formula

I get questions from people all the time asking if they can really make money online by buying solo ads. I buy 100 clicks on a weekly basis and manage to break even all the time. It’s not easy though. You have to be consistent, need to promote the right product to a right audience. That’s where solo ads excel. It’s all about targeting in the end and solos are highly targeted. Can’t expect an audience interested in cat products to buy a fat loss product, doesn’t make sense, right?

The Ultimate Solo Ad Formula

1. Send all the clicks to a capture page not to an offer page directly. People hardly buy right off the bat. Sure, can’t write it off totally but sales on the front-end are more of less, a fluke.

2. Once people visit your capture page, aim to get the best conversions by keeping it simple on your landing page. Click here to find some helpful capture page tips.

3. Once they’re in, you collect their emails, redirect them to your offer page while also following up with autoresponder at the same time as you’ve already collected their emails.

4. The magic happens in the backend, which is your followup sequence, keep it simple, aim to solve people’s problems and not sell to them. No one likes being sold to.

5. Be persistent. Within a few months, you’ll build a good-sized high quality email list which you own and can promote offers on a regular basis.

6. This model works but you need patience, consistency and always promote good products, focus on giving value to your subscribers and money will follow.

Stick to the action plan, don’t worry about perfectionism. Take imperfect but consistent action.

I book my solo ads from this here all the time, he’s quite consistent when it comes to results.

Feels great to be back

oneheartpress team is delighted to inform you we’re getting back in action soon and getting our website back up and running. We’ve been away for a while now but are very excited to get back and keeping you – our visitors our main priority. We will keep you updated as we progress along.

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